3 Safety Tips to Ensure a Successful School Field Trip

Most students look forward to going on field trips. These activities are a great way to provide students with learning experiences that a classroom cannot provide. And as an educator, it is your responsibility to make sure that your students have a safe, enjoyable experience. Here are a few safety rules that will ensure a safe, smooth ride….Read More


8 Essentials to Bring on a Party Bus Ride
Whether you hop on a party bus for a pub crawl or for a ride to your own wedding, the vehicle offers a fantastic and fun mode of transportation. But, as when you board other rental vehicles, you should come prepared. While you don’t want to weigh yourself down during your night out, you do want to bring enough to keep yourself comfortable… Read More


5 Party Apps to Keep You Entertained En Route
If you’re ready for a night out with friends, you can make every moment exciting and stay entertained even while en route to your destination. Many large groups choose to travel in packs-generally in a limo or bus-and party hard while on the road. Group apps will keep the mood light, your smiles big and the evening fun. There are thousands of group apps available on your smartphone, but here are a few your group won’t soon forget… Read More


4 Tips to Make Your Next Pub Crawl a Safe One
You and your friends love the occasional drink now and again. You enjoy visiting local bars and pubs, and you like finding new cocktail combinations. But what if you could take your get-togethers to the next level? A pub crawl (AKA bar-hopping, bar crawl or bar tour) allows you and your mates to meet new faces, try exciting drinks and explore the local nightlife all at the same time. When done correctly, a pub crawl can help you create fun memories and can even become a thrilling tradition… Read More

Touring Perth? Don’t Miss These 5 Popular Events
You, your friends and your family members have wanted to tour Perth for a while. You plan to rent a party bus so you can all see the sites together without paying for fare on separate taxis or rental cars. Although you want to see some of the usual attractions and famous historical locations, you also want a memorable experience filled with fun and excitement. You don’t want to take the same old tourist photos or wait in long lines without countless other visitors. Fortunately, Perth has plenty of events year-round that you and your family won’t want to miss… Read More