8 Essentials to Bring on a Party Bus Ride

Whether you hop on a party bus for a pub crawl or for a ride to your own wedding, the vehicle offers a fantastic and fun mode of transportation. But, as when you board other rental vehicles, you should come prepared.

While you don’t want to weigh yourself down during your night out, you do want to bring enough to keep yourself comfortable. In this blog, we list eight common objects you should consider bringing with you on your next party bus ride, especially if you’re organising the trip.

1. Secure Bag
Most party bus trips involve more destinations than just the bus itself. To ensure that you don’t lose your keys, phone or wallet, bring a secure way to carry these important objects. If you bring a purse, choose a bag that zips up and that bears a strap you can put securely over your shoulder. These bags are less prone to fall off and tip over than clutches or open-mouth purses.

2. Music Options
What would a party be without the music? Contact your party bus company in advance to find out if you can bring an MP3 player, auxiliary cord or CDs to supply the music. Plan enough music options for your entire trip so you don’t end up playing a limited number of songs on repeat.

3. Itinerary
You will plan most of your trip with your driver in advance. However, it’s good to bring a printed itinerary for you and your guests to reference. A thought-out itinerary can ensure that you stay on schedule and help you stretch any food or beverages out so they last the entire trip.

4. Personal Effects
In addition to the items you need to bring as party supplies don’t forget the basics you need any time you leave the house. Remember to bring your identification, phone and other personal effects.

5. Spending Money
In addition to any rental or entertainment expenses, you’ll want to bring some cash for purchases throughout the evening. If you’re going to an event, like a festival or concert, you may fall in love with a memento. And if you plan to do a pub crawl, you want to have enough money to cover the drinks and food you may want.

6. Water
Whether or not you bring other food and drinks, plan to have some water on hand. A sip of water can stave off motion sickness or help a tipsy friend settle his or her stomach. Slip a water bottle into your bag if the bus doesn’t provide a cooler for drinks.

7. Drink Options
If you have a long ride ahead of you and your rental company allows for beverages, plan to provide at least two drinks to each rider. If you have underage riders, bring soft drinks or energy drinks. If your riders are all of legal drinking age, consider bringing low-alcohol options like beer in addition to cocktail options.

8. Gratuity for the Driver
If you’ve had a great time and your driver has been professional and have met your needs and you are happy with the service, it’s always good to let them know. Feedback to the business will always ensure the industry standard is great. Tips are also welcome if the customer wishes.

When you begin planning for your trip, stay in contact with your party bus rental company. Some companies have restrictions on certain items,
especially alcohol, entertainment or decorations. Compliance with your rental company’s policies ensures that you and your guests have a great time without having to worry about fees adding up.

Bring these items with you on your next party bus adventure to stay prepared for whatever the evening may bring.