5 Party Apps to Keep You Entertained En Route

If you’re ready for a night out with friends, you can make every moment exciting and stay entertained even while en route to your destination. Many large groups choose to travel in packs-generally in a limo or bus and party hard while on the road. Group apps will keep the mood light, your smiles big and the evening fun. There are thousands of group apps available on your smartphone, but here are a few your group won’t soon forget.

1. Bounden (iOS and Android)

Although you’ll have to stay seated on the go, Bounden is a dance game app you can get creative with on the road. This hilarious app uses your smartphone’s motion sensors to encourage you to move. What sets Bounden apart from other dance apps? It’s designed to be played with a partner.

Here’s how it works: Each player (ahem, dancer) holds one end of the smartphone and tilts the device to move an on-screen sphere through a designated path.

The catch? Many designated paths require players to move, twist and swing their arms. Those watching will find it hilarious to watch their friends dancing without meaning to. The app comes with several different dance options and music to keep your entire party entertained.

Extra challenge: Try to use the app only while sitting down. Hilarity will ensue.

2. Heads Up! (iOS and Android)

If you’re a fan of Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, chances are you’re a fan of Heads Up! Designed to make hoards of people laugh, Heads Up! is a charades-style multi-player party game that challenges players to guess as many words as possible from a themed deck of cards.

To play, one player selects a deck of cards and holds the phone up to their head. Other players will give clues so the person holding the phone can guess. The app omes with a number of themes, including movies, animals, celebrities and songs.

3. Reverse Charades (iOS and Android)

Similar to Heads Up!, Reverse Charades gives one player the chance to guess the word while everyone else in your party acts out the word on the phone. The best art about Reverse Charades? It gives players the option to choose the time limit, the number of passes allowed and the number of teams.

Reverse Charades comes with a few themed decks, but if you want access to more decks, you’ll have to spend a few dollars.

4. Evil Apples (iOS)

Does everyone in your party have a good sense of humor? Evil Apples is right up your alley. Evil Apples is a fun game that gives players the opportunity to fill in blanks with funny-and oftentimes outrageously inappropriate-answers.

Ex: “It’s not polite to talk about ____ on the first date.”

Every player gets a few cards filled with outrageous answers and then one player acts as the judge. Every round, the judge reads the question card and players choose an answer they think deserves to win. The judge awards the point and the first player to seven points wins. If you get bored of the free packs offered, there are a number of in-app purchases to elevate this game to the next level.

5. Bloop (iOS and Android)

If someone in your party happens to have an iPAD handy, this may be the group app for you. Bloop is a multi-player game that is fast and fun, and requires a steady surface players can gather around (a bus seat could work).

The premise is simple: players have a designated color and score points by tapping on squares of that color. The squares start large but shrink in size over time. If you have nimble fingers, you may come off champion in this game of speed.

Whether you want to keep your party guests entertained en route or simply want to pass time while driving to your next party destination, party apps are a memorable addition to any party night.

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