4 Tips to Make Your Next Pub Crawl a Safe One

You and your friends love the occasional drink now and again. You enjoy visiting local bars and pubs, and you like finding new cocktail combinations. But what if you could take your get-togethers to the next level?

A pub crawl (AKA bar-hopping, bar crawl or bar tour) allows you and your mates to meet new faces, try exciting drinks and explore the local nightlife all at the same time. When done correctly, a pub crawl can help you create fun memories and can even become a thrilling tradition.

But as you may have guessed, pub crawls present a lot of risks. Without extra precautions, you and your friends may get lost as you travel from bar to bar, or you may drink more alcohol than you can safely handle.

To ensure your next pub crawl goes smoothly, be sure to follow these simple steps.

1. Plan Your Crawl Ahead of Time

An average crawl visits four or five different pubs in a night, though some crawls can reach as many as ten pubs or more. To have enough time to stop by all of your favourite bars, you need to plan the most efficient route between locations.

Once you’ve decided on a route, email, text or print directions and approximate times to everyone who wants to participate. When your friends know where you are and when you’ll arrive at the next pub, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost. If someone chooses to stay behind, he or she can catch up with you and the rest of the group again later.

As you plan, don’t forget to inform the pub or bar owners of your upcoming crawl. They may need to rereschedule their serving staff to accommodate your large group.

2. Hire a Party Bus to Drive Your Guests

Pub crawls have one goal in mind: to drink as much as possible in as many locations as possible. But alcohol and traveling don’t mix well, and you’d rather not see your friends arrested for drink driving.

So hire a party bus for all your friends and guests. A professional driver can make sure everyone arrives at each location safely, and everyone can split the total fee (rather than calculating different taxi fares) at the end of the night.

Better still, a party bus can also provide you with lights and music, so you and your friends never want for entertainment while en route.

3. Set Limits on Drinks

Everyone tolerates alcohol a little differently. Some people can drink a bottle or two of beer before they feel slightly buzzed, while others can only have a few sips before they feel a little tipsy.

When you go on a pub crawl, you essentially run an alcoholic marathon. You and your friends want to make it to the end of the night without collapsing at the finish line.

So you’ll need to set a few limits for everyone to make sure everyone enjoys themselves without feeling sick. Tell your party guests to stick to just one drink or shot per pub, and encourage them to focus on the atmosphere and entertainment of each bar rather than just the alcohol.

4. Save Emergency Numbers to Your Phone

Even if you set limits for your friends, you can usually anticipate that one or two guests will drink more than they is safe. When someone insists on drinking too much at your pub crawl, be prepared to call a separate taxi for your guest and send him or her home. You’ll want to have a reliable taxi number on hand for
the occasion.

Keep in mind that alcohol poisoning can also set in whenever someone drinks too much too quickly. If you see anyone exhibiting symptoms such as confusion, vomiting, fainting or shivering, don’t wait to call 000 to reach emergency dispatch. The sooner medical professionals can treat your friend for the condition, the
better chance he or she will recover without lasting effects.

When you follow the above tips, you can avoid a lot of the risks that often come with a pub crawl, and you can enjoy your next party safely.